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Celtic Knots with Joy Daniels

Delighted to invite Joy Daniels to teach Celtic Knots for Weald Scribes. Suitable for all levels - no calligraphic experience needed! During this workshop Joy will be teaching us how to draw Celtic Knots. They are endlessly useful for borders and to compliment calligraphy pieces you may be working on (not just Uncial!)

Come along and learn how to unravel the intricacies of the Celtic Knot and design your own knot work pattern.  With a few simple rules and a square grid you will discover how to construct the simplest knot and then build on this to make more complicated patterns as the day goes on.  Use these patterns with calligraphy, stone carving, lino cuts, stencils, embroidery, knitting etc ., or just on their own as a beautiful design.

What : Celtic Knot Work

Who : Joy Daniels

When : Saturday 26 January 2019

Time : 10am - 4pm

Where : 4th Uckfield Scout Hall, Rocks Park Road, Uckfield, TN22 2AS

Cost : £35 - includes all day refreshments and parking.

Bring : a packed lunch.

Equipment and materials needed on the day by participants: 

HB and  some softer pencils such as 3,4,5 or 6B

Thin paper such as Layout paper


Possibly coloured crayons but not necessary

Pencil sharpener or knife

A fineliner pen for outlining if you have one

A pair of compasses if you have one