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The painted lettering of David Jones (FULL)

What : Painted lettering in the style of David Jones

When : Saturday 21 January 2017

Time : 11am – 5pm

Where : 4th Uckfield Scouts, Rocks Park Road, Uckfield, TN22 2AS (free parking on site)

Cost : £30 weekly learners, £35 non weekly learners. Includes all day refreshments.


Bring : A packed lunch. You DO NOT need to bring a writing board.

The painted inscriptions of David Jones have enjoyed a "Renaissance". Whilst taking his reference from historical and classical letter forms, David Jones introduced an informality into his drawn and painted letters which, not only leave them looking contemporary, but make them so versatile to use. We will study the technique David Jones used and add our own “twist”! At the end of the day you should leave with a painted quote.