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Foundational script for beginners at Anne of Cleves House, Lewes

I am delighted to be teaching an introductory calligraphy workshop for Anne of Cleves House in Lewes.

Have you ever wanted to learn the fascinating art of calligraphy? This hands-on workshop could be just for you.

Edward Johnson, widely regarded as the father of modern day calligraphy, devised the Foundational Script in the first half of the 20th century based on studies of a late Carolingian manuscript known as the Ramsey Psalter.

Using a broad-edged dip pen you will be taught this script by calligrapher and lettering artist Tina Warren. The workshop will include practical exercises and is suitable for complete beginners. Participants will take away their own written pieces, as well as an increased confidence in this beautiful art.

Further details of the workshop can be found on their website :