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Modern Calligraphy

Written with a pointed nib, Modern Calligraphy is taking the calligraphy world by storm! You will have noticed it everywhere - on wedding invitations, cards, menus, adverts in magazines, on the telly, all over Instagram and Facebook etc. Modern Calligraphy has its roots in Copperplate but is much more relaxed, informal and expressive - it is perfect for beginners and those wishing to explore another pointed pen script.

What : Modern Calligraphy

When : Saturday 1 October 2016

Time : 11am - 5pm

Where : 4th Uckfield Scout Hall, Rocks Park Road, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 2AS

Cost :  £35 for non weekly learners. This includes all day refreshments and parking.

Bring : No calligraphy board is needed. Bring your usual calligraphy equipment and any pointed nibs you have as well as oak gall ink, gouache, layout paper etc. I will have some equipment for sale as usual. PACKED LUNCH.